Live Italy!!!, WebQuest




WebQuest para 4º Curso de ESO


Autor: Loli Quintana


| Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Resources | Conclusion |


In a few weeks you are going to travel to Italy, but how much do you know about it?

Maybe not much, but you can’t go there without information, so in this webquest you are going to discover Italy and introduce it to future travellers, because your presentation will be shown in the intranet of our centre.

This webquest is the opportunity for planning your trip and then enjoying it for a week.

Get ready and enjoy your trip!


In pairs you will surf the net looking for some information about Italy. Your task will consist of planning your own trip to Italy.

At the end of this Webquest you will have to elaborate a project-trip to Italy which will be displayed in a Power Point presentation to the rest of the class. You must also include a five to ten minutes oral report in front of the class.





Find the most important information about Italy (flag, language, weather, transport, museums, historical sites and places of interest, typical food, costumes and leisure activities)

Find information, images and videos about the cities you’re going to visit.

Compare and analyse your information to prepare your powerpoint.

Italy is perfect for shopping, so you decide to buy some new clothes in Rome.

Write a dialogue in a clothes shop.

After shopping you’re hungry, so you need something to eat, so you go to a restaurant to order some food.

Write a dialogue in a restaurant.

Elaborate your powerpoint (include Italian music)

After your teacher revise your powerpoint you will display it to the whole class and you must include a five to ten minutes oral report in front of the class.


When you finish your work, the teacher will assess the groups following this chart.


Poor (1)

Satisfactory (2)

Good (3)

Excellent (4)


Grammar and spelling

Incorrect use of grammar and language structures. A lot of mistakes in spelling.

Few mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.Not very coherent

Some mistakes in spelling and grammar. Coherent text.

Correct grammar and spelling.Good writing and very coherent


Poor. No new words.

Not much new vocabulary

New vocabulary was successfully introduced.

Remarkable use of new vocabulary.

Content of Power Point presentation

The information is not clear and confusing. No images were included.

The information is not clear and accurate enough. Not enough images are included.

The information is presented clearly and accurately. Good use of images.

The information is clear, accurate and interesting, and so are the images.

Oral presentation

Generalised errors of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

A lot of errors of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Some errors of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Few or no errors of grammar, vocabulary and the pronunciation. The presentation was interesting.

Team work

You didn't count on your classmate and didn't share ideas or listened to each other discuss things.

All of you participated but sometimes one of you did not assume responsibility and did not work properly.

All of you took part equally and did what you had to do. Everyone was responsible for his/her work and shared ideas.

You always collaborated. Everyone worked equally, being responsible and sharing ideas.




Congratulations!!! You have worked a lot. With your research and presentation we have discovered many things about Italy and now you and your mates can travel there in a better way, because you know the most important features of this country.

Now you know if you need a T-shirt or a coat, don’t you? You will be able to visit the most interesting places and the Italian costumes, even you can go clothes shopping and when you are very tired asking for a delicious ice-cream in a restaurant.

It has been funny, but at the same time you have learnt a lot of new things. You can see that it is not difficult learning using the new technologies.